Friday, February 3, 2023
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PeakDo : A wireless HDMI Dongle

PeakDo : A wireless HDMI Dongle

After intel launched WiDi(Wireless Display technology) in 2010 which allows your pc to transmit video to HDTV wirelessly, discontinued for leading to higher latency within some year. Now, what about HDMI Dongles 

This is PeakDo, A Wireless HDMI dongle made up of using WiGig technology which is based on 60Hz frequency allows devices to communicate at multi-gigabit without wire. The 60 GHz millimeter wave signal cannot typically penetrate walls but can propagate by reflection from walls, ceilings, floors, and objects using beamforming built into the WiGig system. It can transfer data up to 30ft at 1080 pixels resolution with 30 FPS(Frame Per Second). 

It is estimated 



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